CT-120 Cascading Arctic Dense glass eating counter, 170"L x 18"D x 1" thick
WD-105: Strips of cast "Escala" pattern laid in alternating directions, 10' x 12'
AF-127: Cast and Laminated Variegated Green Wall Insert Panels, 1" thick
CT-116: Backlit fused Aisu glass eating counter. 16' x 22"
AF-103: Series of fused "Midori" panels in entry way, 16" wide, varying heights from 48"-100"
TT-101: Layered, fritted, and fused low-iron glass table top with "Water" texture and colored frit 4' x 8' x 1"
AF-116: Deep-carved custom pattern for storefront, 16' x 30'
WD-103: Cast wall panels with copper inclusions, 16' x 8'
AF-115: Etched and glue-chipped feature wall, 96" x 72"
CT-101: Cast "Arctic Wisp" countertops and eating bar
DW-101: Slumped, silvered, and tinted kitchen divider, 36" x 72"
CT : Cast "Caribbean Wisp" eating counter, 14" x 150"
BS-102: Cast and laminated "Arctic Wisp" balustrade panels
WD-122: Series of slumped and tinted restaurant divider panels, 27' x 18"