Steve KeeperSteve Shahbaghlian established Glassworks in 1968. Applying his graphic arts background to the medium of glass has always been his passion. His designs and fabrications can be seen throughout the country in hotels, restaurants, commercial facilities and residences. His artistic talents and technical knowledge are unsurpassed in the industry. He has grown the company to include stained glass production, sandblasting and kiln work. As the Director of Design, he continues to be the artistic guide for our talented group of glass artists and fabricators.
Tish keeperTish Oye purchased Glassworks in 1990. She established a connection with glass while working at Wheaton Glass in New Jersey throughout her college years. Obtaining an MBA has allowed her to be knowledgeable of the financial, management and promotional sides of the company. Tish can be seen interacting with other industry professionals within various organizations that the company supports. She established the successful community donation program, which has helped almost 50 non-profit organizations to date, and has been active in moving the firm towards sustainability efforts and products.
Robin keeperRobbin Tracy has been a part of Glassworks team for over 10 years. After receiving B.A. degrees from the University of Minnesota in both Art History and Spanish/Portuguese, Robbin was inspired by the luminescent simplicity of Gothic stained glass windows and started her career in glass making leaded glass windows in Minneapolis. She quickly expanded her repertoire to include kiln work and etching in architectural applications. After moving to Seattle, she joined Glassworks. She clearly enjoys the challenges and rewards of custom fabrications and relishes any opportunity to work with color. Her outgoing personality, organizational skills and technical knowledge continue to get high praise from clients, industry professionals and coworkers. 
J keeperJames (Jay) Martell is Glassworks professor in residence. He has worked with glass since 1989 and has extensive experience with blown, cast and kiln-formed glass. Jay has been a Glassworks team member for over six years and has often been the go-to person for fabrication and installation questions. He knows the composition, compatibility and nuances of glass. As an artist, his work has been featured nationally and internationally. Jay is organized and methodical with each project and can troubleshoot when needed. He is always willing to explain complicated issues in a clearly understandable manner.