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Intentional Improvisation

As spring meets summer, I thought I’d share a peek at a recent counter we fabricated that complements the colorful exuberance of the season.  The design was actually based on the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky, a well-known early 20th century abstract artist.   It was challenging but fun to translate his design intent in glass.

This “swoop” of a counter measures 12 ft.- 3 in. L x 2 in. thick.  It is situated in an area with plenty of natural light from a waterfront setting during the day and dramatically under lit when the day darkens.   It certainly commands attention in a setting full of beautiful and distinctive artwork.   We were fortunate to be able to provide this striking piece for a very discerning couple.

Interior Designer:  Kay Stewart Design
Architect:  Scott Allen Architecture
Contractor:  The Roberts Group Builders

Since our last email, we’ve donated to two more non-profit organizations, The American Lung Association and Kitty Harbor, through our referral program.   As a reminder, if you refer a client to us, we will make a donation in your name to a non-profit organization of your choice.  We have contributed to almost forty non-profit businesses, some more than once, since we initiated the program.

News:  Welcome to Jesse Diaz!  A skilled craftsman who concentrates on doing the finishing work on our fabrications.

Thanks for reading…and as always, feedback is appreciated!

Winter 2012 Design Partner Feature: Karen Skadan Design & Toth Construction

Capitol Hill Residence

One of the more elaborate residential projects that has come across our kilns in the last year was a residential remodel project in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA. This grand home received a major facelift, which included our glass as feature pieces in both exterior and interior areas.


 Exterior: Long Layered Glass Table

Designer Karen Skadan contacted us to create a large outdoor glass table. Karen Skadan is Principal of Karen Skadan Design (established 1997), a full service company specializing in residential design and custom furniture design. Karen has had the privilege of working with great clients and on projects that have taken her to Whistler, BC., Chicago, Palm Springs, San Juan Islands, Idaho and Los Angeles.  She is currently working on a penthouse condominium in Beverly Hills, CA.

Capitol Hill Residence

Ten foot long outdoor layered glass table top for Capitol Hill residence.

For the Capitol Hill home, Karen worked with Bernie Baker Architects and Morningstar Design, a landscape design firm, to create a soothing and tranquil outdoor retreat for a family of five, as well a functional space for entertaining. The clients requested a 10’ long outdoor table for entertaining that would have an artistic element and require little or no maintenance. “We looked at many different alternatives including 3 Form materials and stone before deciding on the  fused glass by Glassworks, Inc,” Karen explains. “The four layers of fused glass definitely has that ‘wow’ factor,  it is super easy to maintain and we love the practicality of the surface.  It looks like a river of water.” Karen also notes that “communication and attention to detail” were the most notable benefits to working with Glassworks on this project.

This 10′ table and 1″ thick glass table top was created using four layers of low-iron glass, fused in our largest kiln with a gentle “water” texture on the underside, leaving the top surface exceptionally smooth and easy to clean. This project allowed us to utilize our large capacity kilns and resulted in a breathtaking feature piece that the family loves to use.

Looking ahead, Karen is excited about a new project starting in February that with bring her and her team back to Whistler, BC. Thank you Karen and we look forward to collaborating with you again soon.


Interior: Textured Glass for Double Vanity

Capitol Hill Residence

Kiln-formed glass vanities with mirrored "water" texture.

General contractor Toth Construction contacted us while working on this same residence. They asked us to partner with them to create a pair of intricate glass vanities that included irregular cutouts for inset porcelain sinks, as well as kiln formed glass backsplash and skirt pieces. For over 36 years Toth Construction has been a sought after contractor for premium quality custom projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Established by Walter F Toth in 1976, sons Klaus & Erik currently run the daily operations. Leading an exacting and cohesive company, outfitted with especially gifted craftspeople and managers, Toth Construction continues to hold the bar at the highest standards for quality and excellence.

This vanity project is a wonderful example of their precise methods of working with many different materials including custom glass. The results are as stunning as they are functional, creating contemporary features in a beautiful bathroom. One interesting feature of these vanities is the kiln-formed texture that was then mirrored, making each opaque to hide what was underneath while enhancing the reflectivity and luminescence that can only happen with glass. We appreciate working with such fine craftsmen. Thank you, Toth Construction!

Karen Skadan

Karen Skadan

Karen Skadan is a native Seattleite and studied at Seattle Pacific University. In 1997 she established her design firm, which is a full service company specializing in residential and custom furniture designs. In 2010 she opened her store front office in the Laurelhurst area, where she has expanded to three staff members. Karen has had the privilege of working with great clients and on projects that have taken her to Whistler, BC; Chicago; Palm Springs; San Juan Islands; Idaho and Los Angeles. She is currently working on a penthouse condominium in Beverly Hills, CA.

Toth Construction

Toth Construction

We have two tried and true priorities: relationships and service. These are the mainstays of our business and are the elements of what sets us apart from other contractors. Our mission is committed to making the process of fulfilling your design as easy and enjoyable as possible. Building your vision should be exciting, not daunting. We make it happen by developing excellent customer relationships where expectations are clear, trust is predominant and our quality is unsurpassed.

Working with both firms was such a pleasure. Designers help push our creative bounds and good contractors make installations go smoothly. Good project synergy occurs when the team works well together to provide the very best outcome for our clients, which is ultimately everyone’s goal.

We look forward to working with our design partners from initial concept, through custom fabrication, to final installation. If you have a great design idea to explore with us, please call us at (206) 441-4268 or contact us by email.

Summer 2011 Design Partner Feature: Mesher Shing McNutt

Walk into the new offices of Mesher Shing McNutt and you are immediately hit by the almost manic level of creative activity. Creativity is the central value that emanates throughout the environment. It’s reinforced by the firm’s principals, Bob Mesher, Joe Shing and Shannon McNutt. They produce wonderful designs as well as attend to the myriad of details that delight their clients. It is such an adventure to participate in the design process with them. We’ve been fortunate to have worked with this highly regarded firm for many years. Their energy, enthusiasm and great ideas are contagious!

Glass Entry Wall - "Pollock Dining" in Penn State University

Click to View

Glass Entry Wall - Pollock Dining in Penn State University

Click to View

This summer, we have enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Seattle based architecture and interior design firm Mesher Shing McNutt on two university food court projects: Penn State University and Virginia Tech. Teaming up with a partner like this gives us the opportunity to show off our capacity to manufacture large-scale glass designs that are created for high traffic and heavy use. The Penn State project, called the “Pollock Dining”, was recently completed, and included an etched and back-painted glass entry wall by Glassworks, Inc.

"Pollock Dining" in Penn State UniversityAwards
Examples of award winning designs include the food services at the University of Washington Husky Den, which won the NACUFS award for best multi-platform design for 2003; Food Management Magazine’s 2005 Best Concept Award for Terry Lander Resident Hall and recently the 2008 Project of Distinction award for the Purdue Memorial Union by College Planning & Management publication.

More info on Mesher Shing McNutt:
Mesher Shing McNutt is an architecture and interior design firm specializing in restaurants and food service facilities for clubs, hotels, corporate food service providers, and universities across the country. Clients include nationally recognized food service campanies HMS "Pollock Dining" in Penn State UniversityHost, Bon Appetit, Sodexo, Westin Hotels, Marriott, and Hyatt; corporations such as Startbucks, Microsoft, and; universities including the University of California Berkley, Purdue University, University of Washington, and Princeton University. Completed and current projects include BOKA restaurant in the new boutique Hotel 1000, Seattle Art Museum “Taste” Café, designs for NASA Space Center Houston, Seattle Aquarium for Sodexo, 20 food concepts at SeaTac and Portland Airports for HMS Host and ongoing university projects at UC Davis, Virginia Tech, Pennsylvania State University, and Michigan State.

Mesher Shing McNutt, as the designer and architect of record completed 70,000 square feet of food and dining services at Microsoft’s just completed $1 Billion expansion project on their Redmond, Washington campus. The Block C Commons, consisting of three buildings with "Pollock Dining" in Penn State Universityretail and food services is the centerpiece and destination for retail and food services for the 40,000 employees on campus. Mesher Shing McNutt conceptualized, programmed and designed 14 distinctive food venues with seating for 1,600 at an estimated cost of over $21 million. Currently Mesher Shing McNutt is creating food service designs for Amazon’s new South Lake Union campus that includes two large cafes and two coffee bars totaling 37,000 square feet with seating for 900, at an estimated project cost food services of $15 million.

More info:

HGTV / DIY Networks feature Glass Counters by Glassworks

Glassworks, Inc. has been in the business of one of a kind, functional glass creations for over 40 years. We are really proud of our custom work and value the relationships we have built with architects, designers, and home & business owners across the United States.

DIY Network "Bath Crashers" in Seattle

A few months ago, two of our design partners, Urban Development Group (UDG) and MAK Interior Design, contacted us with an opportunity to participate in a HGTV / DIY Network “Bath Crashers” episode filmed here in Seattle. We learned very quickly that “reality” shows like this operate in a very narrow framework with short timelines, requiring much of the planning to occur before we even knew who the “target” was. This project was easily one of the more challenging projects of the season. The episode was first aired on July 4, 2011 and continues to be played in reruns. This episode is titled Teak Tub Retreat.


We had the pleasure of working closely with Carl Baker from UDG and Mariko Kydd from MAK at the beginning of 2010, on the design of the West facing penthouse in the Escala Building on 4th and Virginia. Since we were solely focused on the Bath Crashers Seattle - The Targetglass vanity top for this project, we have asked Mariko to help us tell the whole story.

Glassworks: How did the HGTV opportunity come about? How did you get involved?

Mariko: The DIY Network producers found Urban Development Group’s website through an internet search for design-build firms in Seattle, they interviewed us, and chose us to get involved.

Glassworks: Who was in charge of each aspect of the design and construction? How many companies were involved?

Mariko:I was involved with the design and Carl was in charge of the construction. I was the one that chose all the vendors and got them on-board. Here is a list of many of the companies that were involved:

Matt Meunster - Bath Crashers Seattle

Matt Meunster, host of DIY Network's "Bath Crashers"

Bath Crashers Seattle - Vanity Before


Bath Crashers Seattle - Vanity After


“I love how Glassworks’ art glass is custom and
I had the flexibility to choose any color and design I wanted.”

~ Mariko Kydd of MAK Design

Glassworks: Wow! That is an impressive list. We know that we had to move quickly to get our vanity top done in time. How much time did you have to complete the entire project?

Bath Crashers Seattle - Robbin SpeaksMariko: We saw the space mid February, and we had until end of March to finish the project, giving Carl one week from starting the demo to completing the finished bathroom.

Glassworks: We were very impressed with the level of organization required to accomplish this task with so many unknowns. What is the overarching theme or concept behind the design?

Mariko: I would say the Teak wood that carries from the floor, and travels up the tub deck, and onto the wall. This is how the episode got its title.

Glassworks: Were there any specific design challenges that were unique to this project? How did you overcome these challenges?

Bath Crashers Seattle - "Teak Tub Retreat"Mariko: Many of the design challenges were compounded by short notice with the space, and not having all the details of construction until filming began. For example, we did not know exactly where the beam/column was landing, we had to make several adjustments once they opened up the walls, and there were issues with the plumbing and lighting too.

Glassworks: Why did you choose to include Glassworks’ art glass? How did our glass accomplish your design goals?

Mariko: I love how Glassworks’ art glass is custom and I had the flexibility to choose any color and design I wanted. Glassworks’ glass accomplished my design goals by allowing me to choose the color and style, and size that I desired. Thank you for doing such a great job! It’s always a wonderful experience working with Glassworks.

Glassworks: And thank you Mariko for including us in your fantastic design! We learned a lot and we look forward to working with you again soon.

Click here for more info on this episode and air dates:
See Glassworks, Inc. on HGTV / DIY Network "Bath Crashers"

~ ~ ~ ~

More info on MAK Design:
Mariko Kydd of MAK DesignMariko Kydd at MAK Design is passionate about interior design and strives to create timeless and harmonious interiors for a wide range of clients. While working closely with you, MAK Design will evaluate your needs and interpret your requirements in order to create your perfect space. I love the quote by Ivan Chermayeff: “Design is directed for human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution. ” What are some of your most notable projects to date? I would say the Escala Penthouse, Bath Crashers, “Suite” Restaurant in Bellevue Place.

More info:

More info on Urban Development Group:
Urban Development Group, Inc.Where art, nature, functionality, and construction coexist. Urban Development Group works with a network of interior designers, architects, and construction contractors. We understand that the ideal solution deserves the freedom of choice. This network provides choices for design, architect and construction venues allowing the right fit and comfort for our clients while emphasizing the largest value received for project costs. Our network has an emphasis on small/medium size business relationships; we believe that the cost structure associated with that range of business model provides the expertise and more important the end value required in today’s economic times. Our integrated work environment allows our partnered companies to expand on traditional internal expertise by partnering within the network.

More info:

Spring 2011 Design Partner Feature: Hensel Design Studios

Steven Hensel of Hensel Design Studios

Steven Hensel of Hensel Design Studios

We have the privilege of collaborating with many of the Pacific Northwest’s most celebrated architects and designers. Perhaps none is more celebrated than Steven Hensel and Hensel Design Studios based in Seattle, who just recently won the prestigious Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Publisher’s Choice Award in partnership with Seattle Design Center’s Northwest Design Awards. The Northwest Design Awards, Seattle Design Center’s annual design competition, rewards design excellence in 10 categories. Continuing a tradition started last year, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles annually presents a Publisher’s Choice Award to one of the first-place-winning projects. Essentially, this award is for the best of the best, and Hensel Design Studios won for their “Wildbird” project in Big Sur, California.

Steven Hensel of Hensel Design Studios creates contemporary interiors through an artist’s eye. Trained as a fine artist, Steven has founded several companies including Artex Designs textiles and Studio Steel furniture, architectural details, and artworks – all represented nationwide. In 1996, Steven consolidated his companies into one entity, Hensel Design Studios, providing interior design services to its clients.

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

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Steven Hensel refers to this award winning project as a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. The “Wildbird” home is perched 600 feet above the Pacific Ocean and actually cantilevers out on a perilous isthmus with spectacular views, crashing waves beneath it and ever present condors circling the property. Originally built in the late ’50s for Nathanial Owings of Skidmore Owings and Merrill fame, the home had fallen into disrepair and was in desperate need of updating. The new owner had purchased the property as a birthday present for his wife, and hired Hensel Design Studios to bring this unique property a more modern aesthetic. Working closely with the architects, Fletcher/Hardoin of Monterrey, Steven and his team felt it was clear that the modernist designs needed to speak to the original architecture while playing a secondary roll to the magnificent setting. This goal was accomplished and exceeded through excellent choices of finishes and textures as well as custom furniture design by Hensel Design Studios to respect the history of the space while providing comfort.

Cast low-iron glass feature wall with embedded copper design

Cast low-iron glass feature wall with embedded copper design

One challenge of the project was a long and potentially boring entry wall. Fortunately, Steven had a plan. “I had experimented with Glassworks unique abilities before at Daniels Broiler on Lake Union and several residential projects with great success,” explains Steven. “I created a design that would incorporate copper details that needed to be precisely located in the crushed glass to coordinate with other architectural elements as well as the lighting designer’s method to illuminate the artwork.” Glassworks took this design and created the standout feature wall from cast low-iron glass. “This was a daunting task of very tight tolerances and precise details that could have gone wrong in a myriad of ways,” Steven continues. “Glassworks excelled at every level – my design was delivered just as I conceived it. Their engineering, teamwork, implementation and quality control were exemplary. They even loaded it on their own truck, drove it down the coast and installed it for me!”

Looking ahead, Hensel Design Studios is taking the buzz and excitement the Wildbird project generated and applying it to an amazing five acre site on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The owners have seen the glass feature wall, and Hensel hopes to include architectural art glass in this new two-year design project. Hensel Design Studios is also about to install a small compound in central Oregon that is evocative of the Greene & Greene style and then a beach house on Whidbey Island. “This has been a great time for my studio in spite of the economy, we’ve yet to slow down,” says Steven. It is always an honor to work with such talented designers and we wish Steven Hensel and his team continued success.

A tour of sustainability at Natural Balance House

Natural Balance House on Bainbridge Island

Homeowners Glen and Deb Bruel invite you to visit their new ‘Natural Balance House’ – expected to be the first LEED Platinum home on San Juan Island featuring Architectural Art Glass by Glassworks, Inc.

Architectural Art Glass by Glassworks, Inc. includes:

  • Cast Glass Countertop
  • Recycled Glass Wine Room Door
  • Fuzed Glass Light Fixture

Big thanks to Ravenhill Construction who included us in this project.

WHEN: Every Saturday in May, from 11am to 4pm.

WHO: Tours will be led by the building professionals and designers involved in the project. Homeowners Glen and Deb Bruels will also be on hand. In addition, each Saturday will feature a special presentation by a professional involved with the project:

  • SATURDAY, MAY 7: “Getting to LEED Platinum”
    with Ravenhill Construction (presentation at noon)
  • SATURDAY, MAY 14: “Art from Around the World”
    with the homeowners and regional artists Lori Blessing and
    Andy Nichols (presentations at noon and 2 p.m.)
  • SATURDAY, MAY 21: “Water-Wise Shoreline Development”
    with landscaper Steve Schramm of Island Gardens
    (presentations at noon and 2 p.m.)
  • SATURDAY, MAY 28: “Sustainable Design”
    with designer Michael McNamara of Blue Sky Design
    (presentations at noon and 2 p.m.)

GETTING THERE: The Natural Balance House is located on the northwest coast of San Juan Island. Free parking is available in the upper lot of Snug Harbor Resort, with continuous shuttle service to the home from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The island accessible by ferry, plane, or seaplane. Directions to Snug Harbor Resort from the Friday Harbor Ferry Dock: Turn right at Front St., left onto Spring St., 2nd right onto 2nd St. Continue onto Guard St., turn right to stay on Guard St., left at Beaverton Valley Rd. Continue onto W Valley Rd., left at Mitchell Bay Rd. Destination on the left. Address: Snug Harbor Resort, 1997 Mitchell Bay Road, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

ADMISSION: Admission is free, with a suggested $5 donation to the Island’s Whale Museum in support of efforts to safeguard local orcas. Please no children under 10, pets, or food or drink. The home is not wheelchair-accessible.

FOR MORE INFORMATION or to arrange a private tour for your group of 4 or more:
Pam Worner, Green Dog Enterprises, email Pam, 206.883.6688


Winter 2011 Design Partner Feature: Architects Hawaii

We enjoy celebrating the success of our many creative and innovative design partners. This quarter we are focusing some special attention on Architects Hawaii staff members, Karen Muraoka, Interior Designer, and Mariel Moriwake, Associate AIA, who recently partnered with us in their design of the Straub Oncology Treatment Center in Honolulu, HI.

Architects Hawaii - Straub Oncology Clinic Waiting AreaDesigning a Healing Environment
From day one on this project, it was determined that the theme would center around nature and in particular “bamboo” elements. This became a healing environment drawing on the gentle colors and life giving images of nature and good health. This is a Clinic where most of the patients visit weekly for many hours of treatment and the importance of providing a comfortable and welcoming design setting is paramount to the healing process. This repeat experience needed to become a safe and friendly environment for patients and families to visit.

This project brought together the entire hospital and design team to the table to discuss the best solution to architectural finishes and their maintenance in the coming months and years. Environmental Services requested samples for testing. Finance required an initial and future price point that would meet the budget, and the design team maintained a voice to the vision of a healing environment.

Architects Hawaii - Straub Oncology Clinic 02The process for designing the glass included creative problem solving to achieve the desired effect while staying within budget and meeting deadlines for installation. More than a half-dozen samples were created to accomplish the desired soft and soothing effect while accomplishing the functional requirement of safety glass. These samples included fusing colored glass and laminating, fusing colored frit (fine granules of colored glass), and finally choosing slumped glass that was tempered and then back-painted. Glassworks staff worked closely with Architects Hawaii designers for technical consultation, fabrication information and installation advice to insure a successful outcome an ocean away.

Architects Hawaii - Straub Oncology Clinic 03This Clinic officially opened up for use recently and one of the best results is to hear how the patients, families and staff enjoy being in this environment. The severity and difficulty of having to endure chemotherapy for cancer and its ensuing after effects is so hard to bear and the small comforts of providing an environment that helps patients tolerate the effects is rewarding. The design also provided greater staff productivity and a lighter spirit in which to work.

Architects Hawaii - Straub Oncology Clinic, Detail

Karen Muraoka is a Senior Associate and Studio Head in charge of the Interior Design Department at Architects Hawaii Ltd. (AHL) in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has been employed with AHL for 24 years. Her design specialties are healthcare, educational, corporate and government/institutional work. Karen is a professional member of both IIDA and ASID. Along with her position with the AAHID Board of Regents, she is the current Director of the Honolulu City Center, IIDA. Work in Asia and throughout the Pacific Rim has provided a variety of project types ranging from medical centers in Japan, a new medical school for the University of Hawaii, a capitol building interior space in Micronesia to corporate work for the State of Hawaii. She has received design excellence awards for the medical projects in Japan and Hawaii as well as for historical preservation work completed in Hawaii.

Mariel Moriwake, Associate AIA, joined Architects Hawaii in 2005. Her focus at AHL has been on healthcare projects, although she has also worked on projects in the retail and education sectors. She is a member of the United States Green Building Council, Hawaii Chapter, a LEED Accredited Professional, and serves as the Advocacy for Healthcare Committee Co-Chair. Mariel was the recipient of the 2009 Herman Miller Healthcare Design Conference Scholarship.

Architects Hawaii Recognitions in 2010:

  • Ranked No. 147 on the ZweigWhite Hot Firm 2010 list of the 150 fastest-growing U.S. and Canada architecture, engineering and environmental consulting firms
  • NAIOP Hawaii’s Architecture Firm of the Year
  • Ranked No. 92 nationally on Architectural Record’s annual Top 250 Architecture Firms
  • Ranked No. 48 nationally on Engineering News Record’s Annual Top 100 Green Design Firms 2010
  • Ranked No. 354 nationally on Engineering News Record’s annual Top 500 Design Firms 2010
  • Ranked No. 205 on Hawaii Business Magazine’s 2010 Top 250 list

More information on Architects Hawaii:

Glassworks Principal joins board of ASID WA

ASID WA State Chapter - Board Members 2011

ASID WA State Chapter - Board Members 2011

A message from Glassworks Principal, Tish Oye (pictured second from right):

I am honored to have joined the American Society of Interior Designers Washington State Board of Directors. As an Industry Partner and Director at Large my main focus is to encouraging interactions between interior designers and the firms that help to make their visions reality. I schedule and coordinate monthly visits to fellow Industry Partner sites. These events offer great opportunities to network with interior designers; and see and hear all about local resources from knowledgeable staff. I welcome your contact to inquire about these events or about becoming an Industry Partner with ASID.

To contact Tish Oye, please use our contact form or call (206) 441-4268 during business hours.

ASID is a community of people driven by a common love for design and committed to the belief that interior design, as a service to people, is a powerful, multi-faceted profession that can positively change people’s lives. Through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building and outreach, the Society strives to advance the interior design profession and, in the process, to demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lives.

Of the Society’s 20,000 practicing interior designers, 6,500 practice primarily in the commercial field with 4,000 practicing primarily as residential designers. The remaining 9,500 work in both commercial and residential design. ASID Industry Partners include more than 2,500 member firms with more than 8,000 individual representatives, uniting the professional designer with manufacturers of design-related products and services. The Society’s membership also includes more than 12,000 students of interior design.

Design Partner Feature: Jeff Lamb

For more than forty years, Glassworks has fabricated functional architectural art glass that both dazzles the eye and fulfills a useful function, thanks to collaborations with creative interior designers, architects, and home and business owners. Starting this quarter, Glassworks is initiating a new section of our blog and email newsletter that celebrates the success of our many creative and innovative design partners, beginning with Jeff Lamb of J Lamb Studios and V3 Studio in Portland Oregon.

Glassworks "Sapphire" Glass Feature Wall

Glassworks "Sapphire" Glass Feature Wall

Jeff included our work in his recent interior design of a penthouse in the Escala building, located on 4th and Virginia in downtown Seattle. This elegant new high-rise condominium features 24 hour concierge services, a private theater/conference room, exercise room, and underground parking. The grand foyer, dominated by a swirling metal staircase, leads you past the large concierge desk toward a hallway of elevators. After taking a short ride on the ultra-fast and private elevator to the 30th floor, you are greeted in the entry way by a glass feature wall by Glassworks. Made of alternating strips of our heavily textured kiln-formed “Sapphire” glass, the white-clear material gives the impression of pure ice crystals frozen in time. Just beyond, the entryway powder room features an all-glass vanity by Glassworks with integrated sink, frosted and textured with real fichus leaves and surrounded by wood framed mirrors. As you proceed to the main space your breath is stolen by the rich natural light pouring through endless windows and ceilings more than 10 feet high. This northwest-facing residence features nearly continuous 180 degree views of downtown Seattle (including an intimate view of the Space Needle), the Puget Sound, and the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges.

"Sapphire" textured Glass Bar

"Sapphire" textured Glass Bar

Jeff took advantage of the changing natural light by filling the open floor plan living spaces with reflective white oak floors and over 110 square feet of our heavily textured clear “Sapphire” glass on the bar. This same glass is also used to cover the master bathroom counter. Beyond the surrounding windows you find a curved and covered terrace wrapping around the master bedroom, living spaces, and guest bedroom. Perfect for year-round entertaining, Jeff Lamb’s work creates an open and inviting space that reflects the views. This penthouse has received praise from Wendy Leung of the Seattle Condo Review blog. Wendy writes that this space was the highlight of her tour at the broker’s Open House in March 2010.

"Sapphire" Glass Bathroom Counter

"Sapphire" Glass Bathroom Counter

Jeff Lamb was educated in Architecture at the University of Oregon before finding inspiration during a travel fellowship where he studied the romanticism of Italy and modernism in Germany and Switzerland. He started his career at BOORA Architects, then he took the position of Design Director at Sienna Architecture Company where he designed award winning buildings including Ashland Middle School, North Park Lofts and Irvington Place. Lamb’s career really took off after designing AIA/Portland‘s award-winning offices. He currently holds the position of Principal at V3 Studio and runs his own J Lamb Studios where he focuses on “sustainable urban placemaking” and mixed use formats to enliven the built environment. Jeff’s work also includes furniture design, rug design and custom lighting. His work has been featured in numerous design media outlets including Luxe Magazine, Western Interior Magazine, the Travel Channel, and HGTV. Two of his recently completed interior designs have received awards from the Seattle Design Center’s regional interior design awards program. He received both the Ion Lewis Traveling Fellowship and most recently the Margo Grant Teaching Fellowship from the University of Oregon in 2008. Jeff has built his career on his work being practical, elegant, and very responsive to construction budgets. An extensive list of his project experience can be found in his website, and

Penthouse Living Room with Evening View

Penthouse Living Room with Evening View

Glassworks was honored to be included by Jeff Lamb in this jewel of a penthouse in Seattle’s Downtown. In order to accommodate his specifications, we were able to push the limits of our fabrication studio and the creativity of our production artists, learning new techniques that we can now apply to future work with Jeff and our other design partners in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We are excited to be able to share Jeff’s work and experience with you, and we look forward to next quarter when we will take the opportunity feature another member of our design partner community.

– – –

We look forward to working with our design partners from initial concept, through custom fabrication, to final installation. If you have a great design idea to explore with us, please call us at (206) 441-4268 or contact us by email.

Safety + Style + Substance = Glass Balustrades

Introducing 4 great benefits to using glass in your next project

Entryway Balustrades

Safe and Sophisticated
All architectural glass balustrades are fabricated to meet safety codes by either using tempered or laminated glass panels. There are many design, color and texture options available and glass panel designs can be ornate or simple. At Glassworks, we feel the imagination of designers and architects or the glass used to create dynamic and safe environments need never restrict creativity.

Entryway Balustrade

Naturally Friendly
Glass does not emit volatile organic compounds, nor does it require VOC emitting cleaning products. One of our glass panel options is made of 100% recycled glass, obtained within 500 miles of our studio and fabricated from start to finish here in our studio. At Glassworks we are active in making our fabrication process energy efficient and are sensitive to our “carbon footprint.”

An investment in taste
Glass allows light to pass through it and doesn’t take up a lot of visual space. By allowing natural light to pass through to interior spaces, glass is a beautiful design element without ever being over stated. Because of its neutrality of color and translucency, glass doesn’t detract from other design elements. More impressive and yes, a little more costly than clear glass, the neutrality of the material is complimentary to many future design element changes, making it a good investment.

Kiln-formed with slumped "crumble" texture, tempered safety-glass, compound curve in areas of balustrade, Hawaii private residence.

A snap to clean
Our glass panels are ultra easy to clean. The problem of fingerprints and visible dust particles that are evident with clear glass are not issues with textured or cast glass due to the nature of the fabrications, which in turn means cleaning less often.
Kiln-formed with slumped crumble texture, tempered safety-glass, compound curve in areas of balustrade, Hawaii private residence.

Top and Middle photos: Entryway balustrades made of cast glass panels add an ambient feel to the space and complement the surrounding artwork.

Bottom Photo: kiln-formed with slumped “crumble” texture, tempered safety-glass, compound curve in areas of balustrade, Hawaii private residence.

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