Case Study – Waves of Glass

The Challenge
Our client needed help with the construction of an outdoor bar for an upscale beach resort. His vision included a glass, boat-shaped bar nestled in a sea of glass waves. He wanted the “boat” designed so that bartenders could easily stand and work inside the structure. He also wanted the bar lit from the inside so all sides of the “boat” would be illuminated.

The Solution
Taking into consideration thickness, safety, and design, we created a number of sample pieces. We knew the glass had to be structurally sound yet translucent. From the sample stage, we fabricated a mold with a wave-like texture and created twenty-two individual pieces of green glass, each measuring 28″ x 36″ and 2.4″ thick. The pieces were mitered to fit the boat radius seamlessly and then pieced together inside a 24-foot metal frame that was designed to hold the glass boat and the matching glass countertop.

The Result
The bar was assembled at the Glassworks studio for a test run and then disassembled for shipment. Once installed at its final location, the “boat” created an ideal working space for the resort’s staff as well as a compelling centerpiece for the resort’s guests. The result was so stunning, the client asked us to use the same glass to create matching directional signs to be used throughout the resort area.

Case Study – Falling Waters

The Challenge
A client who was designing a private eating club had recently returned from a trip to Africa. While there, he had spent time at one of the more majestic waterfalls on the continent. The club he was building was set on a waterfront and he approached Glassworks to replicate the look and feel of the African waterfall.

The Solution
To create the indoor waterfall, we designed glass panels that covered the lion share of the interior wall space. We etched the panels with a dynamic waterfall image and fabricated large, kiln-formed glass panels to look like colorful native rocks. Mid-way through the process, we mocked up one of the waterfall panels in our studio, and worked with the water structure manufacturer to insure water would flow smoothly over the glass panels.

The Result
The result was a majestic, flowing waterfall that offered eighty lineal feet of etched glass panels and ten lineal feet of colorful, kiln-formed waterfall-like “stones” that mimicked the outdoor, African waterfall experience. Aside from being pleased with the design and function of the installation, Glassworks was able to complete the project well within the needed timeframe, adding further value to the customer experience.

Glassworks Shines Through In Hawaii

Hawaii, HI -Glassworks participation at the 2008 Pacific Building Trade Show in Honolulu, HI on October 9, 2008 was highlighted by the firm’s introduction of recycled glass offerings as well as displays of new fabrications that shine the light on innovative ways to integrate glass into design. Part of Glassworks’ overall mission to explore the dynamic use of glass for residential and commercial new construction and remodeling projects, the featured offerings highlighted the company’s forward-thinking stance in the field of design.

Spotlighting the exhibits were textured glass that resembles ice. Born from a project for the ICE SPA at the SHERATON ANCHORAGE, the process allows designers to implement crisp, innovative glass materials as a unique design element. Also featured are the firm’s latest offerings of slumped and mirrored glass. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, the reflective glass surfaces provide detail and variety that traditional splash back materials cannot achieve. Always exploring the use of color, the booth also featured samples of Glassworks ’ innovative use of multi-colored glass and glass with painted designs. A unique opportunity for customization and design, the multi-colored glass and paint processes can be fabricated to echo any color element in a design pallet and can be matched to interior or exterior tile, paint, fabric, or even upholstery.

The show was also an opportunity for Glassworks to draw attention to its ongoing partnership with Quantum Building Products of Kailua-Kona, HI. Featured at the Quantum Building Products booth were two examples of wooden doors built with Glassworks ’ door panels fabricated in “illustrated” slumped glass. The first door incorporated slumped glass panels with a creative, life-size bamboo pattern. The second door integrated a traditional kimono pattern into the slumped glass process. Part of Glassworks innovative way of using molds and pattern glass, the ‘illustrative’ effect can be realized in any pattern or shape and can be customized to fit any door or window Quantum Building Products makes.

As part of the Glassworks’ trade show tradition, there was a drawing for a large, kiln form decorative glass bowl. This year’s lucky winner was Heather Beerman of Susan Palmer Designs.

Glass by Design

Glassworks recently returned from the 2008 Pacific Building Trade Show in Honolulu, HI and we are pleased to say that along with enjoying divine sunsets and basking in the warmth of tranquil island breezes, the entire tradeshow was an overwhelming success. The Glassworks booth showcased our latest innovations and featured some of our latest glass fabrications including magical ‘ice’ panels designed for the Ice Spa at the Sheraton Anchorage and our ongoing investigation into the painted design process that allows us to fabricate glass to reflect any color element in a design palette. The show also gave us an opportunity to share space with our colleagues at Quantum Building Products who displayed two examples of wooden doors build with Glassworks door panels fabricated in ‘illustrated’ slumped glass.

After Hours Open House

Seattle, WA – On Tuesday, November 11, 008 from 4 pm to 7 pm, GLASSWORKS will host an AFTER HOURS OPEN HOUSE for the Washington State ASID with guest speaker, Elisabeth Beers Sandler. Part of GLASSWORKS’ on-going outreach to designers and architects, Sandler will explore the uses of glass as a value-added design element in both residential and commercial settings. GLASSWORKS staff will also conduct tours of the studio and give guests an opportunity to see glass in the making as they conduct fabrications demonstrations throughout the evening. Sushi, sake, and beer will be served.

Sandler is Director of Interior Design for Sandler Kilburn Architects LLC in Seattle, WA, on of the leading interior design forms in the Northwest. A graduate of the Massachusetts Interior Design institute, Sandler has received the Designer of Distinction Award and has been a featured speaker at the ASID National Convention.

The American Society of Interior Designers was founded in 1975 and is the leading organization for interior design professionals. Through education, advocacy, and community building, the Society strives to advance the interior design profession and demonstrate how the power of design to can change people’s lives.

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