Winter Design Feature: Glass Tables

We are always hard at work creating new and interesting opportunities to feature hand made art glass in functional applications. One of the most common requests we get are for custom art glass table tops. Glass has a way of turning functional furniture into a featured work of art. Don’t take our word for it… feast your eyes on these recent creations.

Glass tables are great for board rooms, restaurants, commercial and residential uses. Thicknesses can vary from 3/4″ to 2″. Color design elements can be added in virtually any shade, or the glass can remain clear creating an illusion of taking up less space. Custom bases for glass tables can be made of wood or metal. Although we don’t supply the base, we have relationships with custom manufacturers who we can collaborate with to create the perfect design for your space.


Architectural Art Glass 105: How to stand out and stay green

Architectural Art Glass 105: Stand Out & Stay GreenEmbracing sustainability and/or “green” virtues can be confusing at best. Even “experts” differ as to what can be deemed as sustainable. The Architecture and Design (A&D) community wants design to leave an impression in aesthetics and function while remaining timeless, but how do we achieve that and leave the smallest footprint possible? Where do we turn and which tactics do we take to make the “right” decisions?

This varied and somewhat confusing area of “green” definitions was illustrated by my experience a few years back while enrolled in the local SBA (Sustainable Building Advisor) program. What I valued most from the experience was the community of diverse participants and their viewpoints. We were all working toward a common goal to do the most good in our own professions and community. The melting pot of knowledge came from Architects, Interior Designers, City Planners, Sustainability Consultants, Builders, Engineers, Biologists, Landscapers and Product Sales to name a few. In one particular session we were asked as a class to compile a list of sustainable products. Upon examination of our completed list and the characteristics of each product, we discovered that even these so-called green products had conflicting attributes that could endorse or deny their acceptance.

So where do go from here? I have found that the best plan of action is common sense and due diligence in research. Work with trusted sources that have a respected reputation and a proven track record of contribution in their field and community. In addition it is important to take a step and start the process. Remember that each product or practice will have its pros and cons but it is important to make the effort however large or small that will contribute to the larger good.

Our team at Glassworks is no different in that we want to craft a beautiful product that is a unique and healthy choice for our clients.

The following are attributes that make our cast or fused glass a sustainable choice:

  1. Among our offerings is a completely recycled product from post-industrial source material.
  2. We focus our efforts sourcing and selling in our local community to limit our carbon footprint.
  3. Our primary source of heat for a large part of our facility is captured from our kilns.
  4. We offer 100% glass solutions, the attributes of which contribute in following ways:
    • Glass is non-toxic: It will not emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or radon making it one of the most environmentally safe materials to have in your home or office.
    • Glass is non-porous: Leaving no place for germs to hide or stains to absorb.
    • Glass is durable: Glass is made of silica which is the main element found in granite, offering a similar hardness and long useful life. And glass doesn’t require sealing.
    • Glass is inert: It won’t react with substances that come into contact with it during normal use.

We invite you to rely upon our vast background of glass knowledge; design and our 45 years of contributing to architectural art glass in the Seattle area.

 Interested in learning more? You can contact us through our contact form
or by calling 206.441.4268

Glassworks Winter 2013 News

We are indeed fortunate to have such a talented and committed group that makes up the Glassworks team. Although during last year, we said farewell to Beth Siragusa, our office manager who gently guided us into the “computer” age, we welcomed Christine Henderson to broaden our visibility in the architecture and design industry.  Due in large part to the diligent work of our Internet marketing team at the time, David Kaiser, we established relationships and completed projects on the East Coast.  Robbin Tracyyes, there are two b’s—reached the ten year milestone with us.  She continues to keep all our projects—and us- prioritized and organized.  Jay Martell, who has been with us for five years, is the most methodical and technically astute artist here. Much can be said about Owen Fitzpatrick, who has become our “go to” person in the cold room. He has become an accomplished glass polisher in a short amount of time. Steve Shahbaghlian, whose knowledge and designs continue to drive the studio’s engines. It takes a village to raise a child—It takes all these creative and dedicated folks to provide our clients with the best most beautiful glass possible.

Last year, we supported the design community by providing custom awards for Washington Glass Association, NEWH, and LUXE’s Battle of the Chefs. In this small way, we contributed to those organizations that do so much for the profession and community.

I truly look forward to 2013—continued work with our creative team and support to our professional organizations.

Team Member Profile: Owen Fitzpatrick

Owen FitzpatrickOwen came to Glassworks with a basic knowledge of glass and a desire to learn more. He studied Psychology and Art at Washington University in St. Louis and fell in love with glass late in his college career. Upon moving back to Seattle, he has taken every opportunity to learn more about the medium and build upon his skills. He is intrigued by unique combinations of glass, color and light, and is exploring this idea through kilnwork as well as glassblowing. Owen helps the Glassworks team at every step of the process, from creating patterns and designs to cold-working the final product. His energy and eagerness make him a welcome asset to the studio.

Summer 2012 Design Partner Feature: Wall Art & Sculpture

We are best known for creating stunning and functional architectural art glass. Typically, our work comes in the form of glass countertops, partitions and other materials that serve an important and useful purpose in an architectural design. This season, we are shining a brighter light onto the fantastic glass wall art and sculptures we create that are purely intended to dazzle the eye. We use many different techniques to create visually stunning artwork in glass. We have selected three recent pieces that demonstrate a variety of style and process.

Health Clinic – Glass Wall Art

Design Partner: The Wager Group
Client: Eastside Endoscopy Center − Bellevue, WA

Eastside Endoscopy Center - Glass Wall Art

Full View – Click to Enlarge

Eastide Endoscopy Center - Glass Wall Art (Detail)

Detail View – Click to Enlarge

The Wager Group approached us to contribute a featured art piece for their new and modern health care facility. We worked with their design team to create a unique wall piece that brought together the colors of the office into an organic masterpiece. The piece combines a kiln-formed texture with paint applied by airbrush. The placement of this artwork allows both natural and artificial light to play across the rich textures and smooth surfaces.

Mike Wager, architect since 1974, is located in Tacoma, WA and specializes in designing medical facilities.


Dentist Office − Glass Sculpture

Design Partner: SJ Barrett (
Client: Dr. Benca, D.D.S. − Renton, WA

Dr. Benca, D.D.S. - Glass Wall Art
Full View – Click to Enlarge
Dr. Benca, D.D.S. - Glass Wall Art (Detail)
Detail View – Click to Enlarge

SJ Barret’s invited us to create a featured art glass sculpture in the entry of a dentist’s office. The client, Dr. Benca, D.D.S., let us know she was inspired by the movement of water, the textures of wood and the lush colors of nature found in the Pacific Northwest. Her own photography of Northwest plant life had always been the theme throughout the office. We designed this glass piece to compliment her love of nature. It is composed of kiln-formed slumped glass with carved patterns and hand-painted artwork.

With successful projects and satisfied clients throughout the country, SJ Barrett & Company has earned a reputation for high-quality design, exceptional value and a level of personalized service unmatched in the industry.


Hotel Entry “Sunburst” − Fused Glass Wall Art

Design Partner: Pacific Asia Design Group (
Client: Hilton Hawaiian Village − Honolulu, HI

Hilton Hawaiian Village - Glass Wall Art
Full View – Click to Enlarge
Hilton Hawaiian Village - Glass Wall Art (Detail)
Detail View – Click to Enlarge

Pacific Asia Design Group put together a spectacular interior for the Hilton Hawaiian Village, inviting us to contribute the featured artwork near the elevators on the main floor. This “Sunburst” is located in the tower lobby and signifies the energy and love of the sun which is evident in Hawaii. It’s multidimensional and iridescence qualities allows the viewer to see different facets of the piece depending upon where one stands. It is fabricated using many pieces of glass cut to various widths and lengths; and artfully fused at high heat.

Pacific Asia Design Group was formed with the goal of providing high standard design quality while offering presence, responsiveness and service to their clients. They have extensive experience with over twenty-five years each in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.

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