*Spring For It!* – 25% Off Fused Glass Table Tops

** This Sale Ended April 30th ** Thank You to all our customers who participated! **

We are excited to introduce our first-ever Spring Table Top Sale. It is time for some Spring Cleaning, and we have found ourselves with extra inventory of the glass below. While supplies last, all custom Aisu and Midori fused glass table tops are 25% off. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use, fused glass is durable, so easy to clean, and becomes a stunning feature in any location. Functional and beautiful, Glassworks glass table tops are individually hand-made to your specifications. Choose from our soft green Midori or the crystaline Aisu glass as a rectangle or round shape and save!

Outdoor ~ Fused Glass Table Top

Outdoor - Rectangle

Elegant Textured Table - Slumped & Fused

Indoor - Round

Any size rectangle or round table top
up to 12′ L x 6′ W x 1″ thick

Choose from the following colors:

Table Edge and Color - Midori

Table Edge and Color - Aisu

For Example:

42″ Square or Round
Regular price: $2100
Sale price: $1575.00
~ save $525 ~

Choose any size up to 12′ x 6′ x 1″ and save.

To take advantage of this special offer, orders must be placed by April 30, 2012
or before our inventory is depleted, whichever comes first.
So contact us today to place your order!

Prices are custom per order and may vary according to size and shape.
Pricing shown above does not include delivery, installation, or sales tax where applicable.

To order, please call Beth today:
(206) 441-4268

toll free (888) 441-4268


Winter 2012 Design Partner Feature: Karen Skadan Design & Toth Construction

Capitol Hill Residence

One of the more elaborate residential projects that has come across our kilns in the last year was a residential remodel project in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA. This grand home received a major facelift, which included our glass as feature pieces in both exterior and interior areas.


 Exterior: Long Layered Glass Table

Designer Karen Skadan contacted us to create a large outdoor glass table. Karen Skadan is Principal of Karen Skadan Design (established 1997), a full service company specializing in residential design and custom furniture design. Karen has had the privilege of working with great clients and on projects that have taken her to Whistler, BC., Chicago, Palm Springs, San Juan Islands, Idaho and Los Angeles.  She is currently working on a penthouse condominium in Beverly Hills, CA.

Capitol Hill Residence

Ten foot long outdoor layered glass table top for Capitol Hill residence.

For the Capitol Hill home, Karen worked with Bernie Baker Architects and Morningstar Design, a landscape design firm, to create a soothing and tranquil outdoor retreat for a family of five, as well a functional space for entertaining. The clients requested a 10’ long outdoor table for entertaining that would have an artistic element and require little or no maintenance. “We looked at many different alternatives including 3 Form materials and stone before deciding on the  fused glass by Glassworks, Inc,” Karen explains. “The four layers of fused glass definitely has that ‘wow’ factor,  it is super easy to maintain and we love the practicality of the surface.  It looks like a river of water.” Karen also notes that “communication and attention to detail” were the most notable benefits to working with Glassworks on this project.

This 10′ table and 1″ thick glass table top was created using four layers of low-iron glass, fused in our largest kiln with a gentle “water” texture on the underside, leaving the top surface exceptionally smooth and easy to clean. This project allowed us to utilize our large capacity kilns and resulted in a breathtaking feature piece that the family loves to use.

Looking ahead, Karen is excited about a new project starting in February that with bring her and her team back to Whistler, BC. Thank you Karen and we look forward to collaborating with you again soon.


Interior: Textured Glass for Double Vanity

Capitol Hill Residence

Kiln-formed glass vanities with mirrored "water" texture.

General contractor Toth Construction contacted us while working on this same residence. They asked us to partner with them to create a pair of intricate glass vanities that included irregular cutouts for inset porcelain sinks, as well as kiln formed glass backsplash and skirt pieces. For over 36 years Toth Construction has been a sought after contractor for premium quality custom projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Established by Walter F Toth in 1976, sons Klaus & Erik currently run the daily operations. Leading an exacting and cohesive company, outfitted with especially gifted craftspeople and managers, Toth Construction continues to hold the bar at the highest standards for quality and excellence.

This vanity project is a wonderful example of their precise methods of working with many different materials including custom glass. The results are as stunning as they are functional, creating contemporary features in a beautiful bathroom. One interesting feature of these vanities is the kiln-formed texture that was then mirrored, making each opaque to hide what was underneath while enhancing the reflectivity and luminescence that can only happen with glass. We appreciate working with such fine craftsmen. Thank you, Toth Construction!

Karen Skadan

Karen Skadan

Karen Skadan is a native Seattleite and studied at Seattle Pacific University. In 1997 she established her design firm, which is a full service company specializing in residential and custom furniture designs. In 2010 she opened her store front office in the Laurelhurst area, where she has expanded to three staff members. Karen has had the privilege of working with great clients and on projects that have taken her to Whistler, BC; Chicago; Palm Springs; San Juan Islands; Idaho and Los Angeles. She is currently working on a penthouse condominium in Beverly Hills, CA.

Toth Construction

Toth Construction

We have two tried and true priorities: relationships and service. These are the mainstays of our business and are the elements of what sets us apart from other contractors. Our mission is committed to making the process of fulfilling your design as easy and enjoyable as possible. Building your vision should be exciting, not daunting. We make it happen by developing excellent customer relationships where expectations are clear, trust is predominant and our quality is unsurpassed.


Working with both firms was such a pleasure. Designers help push our creative bounds and good contractors make installations go smoothly. Good project synergy occurs when the team works well together to provide the very best outcome for our clients, which is ultimately everyone’s goal.

We look forward to working with our design partners from initial concept, through custom fabrication, to final installation. If you have a great design idea to explore with us, please call us at (206) 441-4268 or contact us by email.

Architectural Art Glass 103: The Big Three

Glassworks Ongoing EducationEvery once in a while you come across a product and think, “Wow, this really IS great!” For us, architectural art glass definitely has the Wow! factor. The values intrinsic in the properties of glass place it ahead of other materials used in similar applications.

If you’ve read the previous articles in our ongoing educational series then you are familiar with styles of glass available and how you can prepare to request a custom architectural art glass quote, so in this third article we’ll explore the factors that can help you make the decision to include architectural art glass in your project. We receive many inquiries about our glass, including the following questions which we call “The Big Three”. We’ll take a closer look at the answers to these questions and more in this informative article.

By the Time You Read this Article You Will Know:

  1. How does the value of hand-made glass outweigh the cost?
  2. How difficult is it to install custom glass?
  3. How long will it take to create my custom design in glass?

1. Value

How does the value of hand-made glass outweigh the cost?

Whenever possible, glass pieces produced by Glassworks, Inc. are 100% glass. This material purity allows our unique products to enjoy a longer useful life than other comparable materials. In order to clearly see the benefits of glass over other materials, let’s compare them side by side.

Materials Comparison Overview Vetrazzo marble granite counter top

Materials Comparison - The information in this chart is general industry knowledge and confirmed by industry sources.

Durability – The simplest response to the question of durability is to compare glass to granite. Glass is made of silica, which is the main element found in granite, offering a similar hardness and long useful life. Pure glass is stain-resistant and completely non-porous, so no more worrying about that grape juice or pasta sauce staining your kitchen counter top. Glassworks, Inc. uses 100% glass in our recycled glass counters, as opposed to glass composites, like Vetrazzo, which use 85% glass mixed with 15% resin according to their website. By not using resin or other materials with the glass, we preserve it’s natural qualities & benefits. Because glass is 100% inert, it won’t react with substances which come into contact with it during normal use. And glass doesn’t require sealing,  so you never have to worry about the costly and toxic re-sealing process that can be as frequent as every 6 months with other materials.

Curved Island Glass Counter Top countertop granite marble vetrazzo

Curved Island Glass Counter Top - Click to View

Health – Glass is 100% non-toxic and does not emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or radon (which can be emitted by Granite and other natural stone products), making it one of the most environmentally safe materials to have in your home or business. Also, glass is non-porous which leaves no place for germs to hide. All it takes is a quick once over with water or mild glass cleaner to remove dust and other particles from the surface. For these health reasons so many hospitals, doctors offices, and dental offices purchase glass transaction tops from Glassworks, Inc. These medical professionals are well aware of the health benefits of glass.

Style – The look of glass is classic and timeless so your piece retains it’s stylistic appeal for the life of the product. To review glass styles, refer to Architectural Art Glass 102: Glass Style.

Luxury – The bottom line with custom glass is that you get what you pay for. If price is the most important factor in your buying decision, then glass is likely not the best choice for you. But, if you are looking for quality, the most long-term value, an exceptionally durable and healthy material, the “Wow!” factor, and the unique fusion of function and style that only glass can create, then architectural art glass is the right material for your project.

At Glassworks, Inc. we can guarantee that you are getting a top of the line product that is hand-made by skilled artists in our Seattle, USA studio from start to finish. And to us, that’s priceless.

2. Installation

How difficult is it to install custom glass?

Custom architectural art glass often requires custom installation, and during the quoting process our expert designers can help you to determine the best way to install your custom piece. However, installation is very similar to other materials used in similar applications. If hardware is required for installation you can provide it, we can help by suggesting options for you to choose from, or we can provide the necessary hardware. Also, you have the option to install your custom piece yourself or through your contractor. In many cases you can easily install a counter or shelf yourself.

General Installation Tips to Install Architectural Art Glass Counters or Shelves Yourself:

  • We recommend having two points of contact for every two feet of counter or shelf.
  • Clear silicone should be used to cushion and fasten the glass to the supports.  Our glass should not rest on bare metal supports. For most horizontal installations the weight of the glass alone is enough to set it in place, so only a minimum of silicone adhesive is required to prevent the glass from sliding.
  • Since glass is translucent, for counter installations the top of the cabinetry should be finished.  A thin sheet of metal can be used as a subsurface.


Glass Counter Installation

Glass Counter installed on metal brackets - Click to View

3. Time Frame

How long will it take to make my custom design in glass?

Glassworks, Inc. can place your piece on our studio production schedule as soon as you accept our quote and pay a deposit. If you would like to review the steps to the quoting process, refer to Architectural Art Glass 101: Getting Started.

After your piece is placed on the schedule, the typical time it takes to create a piece is between four to eight weeks, not including time in transit if your piece is to be shipped or delivered after fabrication. To give you a better understanding of the process of creating these pieces, here is a summary of the studio production timeline our talented & dedicated artists traverse to hand-make your custom architectural art glass from start to finish:

Preparation: Our production manager reviews dimensions, drawings, templates and any other materials needed to compile the full picture of what your final piece looks like and how to get there. Production tasks are then scheduled and your custom piece’s kiln is reserved on our schedule.

Loading the Kiln: If you are ordering a cast glass piece, cullet will be prepared. Glass is then loaded into the large kiln. It’s not simply shoveling cullet or placing layered glass in the kiln, there is a methodology to this process. This can take from 2 – 5 hours depending on the size and complexity of the piece.

Firing in the Kiln: The glass is then “fired” in the kiln. Depending on the size of the glass this can take from 1 to 5 days.

Crashing/Annealing: After the firing phase, the kiln is turned off, a.k.a “crashed” and then the piece slowly cools down from molten glass to room temperature. This can take from 1 to 5 days.

Re-Firing: For more complex glass pieces, the process of firing and annealing may happen more than once.

Finishing: When the annealed piece(s) exit the kiln, edges are “rough” and will most likely require cutting and polishing. Your piece may require one or several cuts to be made to create a rounded curve or a square cutout area or holes for sinks if it’s a vanity countertop. The amount of finishing work can vary widely from piece to piece depending on its design and final installation.

Pickup/Delivery/Shipping: Depending on arrangements made you will pickup your custom piece at our studio in Seattle, we will deliver & potentially install the piece, or we will ship the piece via truck or airplane to your location. The time in transit is typically not factored into the lead time given at the start of a project, so if your piece is being shipped be aware of this.


Clear as Glass

Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade - Click to View

Architectural Art Glass offers unparalleled value and style while providing the health benefits of an inert VOC free material. It has an exceptionally long useful life, a unique custom look that is timeless and hand-made, and installation options similar to and sometimes easier than installing comparable products. And all of this value is delivered as quickly as a few short weeks. Only glass can offer all of this and provide that intangible yet unforgettable “Wow!” factor. What are you waiting for?

 Give us a call to continue the conversation, at our office (206) 441-4268,

toll free 1 (888) 441-4268 or email us  info@glassworksinc.com

Team Member Profile: Robbin Tracy

Robbin Tracy, Project/Production ManagerRobbin Tracy has been an integral part of Glassworks, Inc. for nearly a decade. Her dedication to glassworking is truly inspiring and it shows through her work. We sat down with Robbin to get an insider’s perspective on the world of architectural art glass.

What kind of degree and training do you have?

I have B.A. degrees from the University of Minnesota in both Art History and Spanish/Portuguese.  Despite my more academic focus in college, I’ve always created art.   My glass training has all been “on-the-job.”  Inspired by the luminescent simplicity of Gothic stained glass windows, I landed a job at a stained glass supply store in Minneapolis where I learned how to build windows.  At that point, I was hooked, and began working on a professional level at an architectural art glass studio in Minneapolis, where I was exposed to kiln-working and etching while still creating custom stained glass.  Again, I was hooked; and a couple of years later, I decided to make the move to Seattle to build on my glass-working skills.  I started working with Glassworks 6 months after moving here, and have been here since!

Tell us a little about yourself, what are your hobbies?

In my free time I like to design and create smaller-scale works; from jewelry, leaded glass panels, or my latest focus of terrariums.  I’ve always found inspiration from nature, and I love being able to incorporate my love of “green-thumbery” with glass.  Aside from that, I enjoy music, playing Mahjongg with pals, pickling anything, eating Indian food and snowboarding.

What is the hardest aspect for you when working with glass?

The most difficult aspect at times can be making sure all the variables are accounted for. We use time-tested and well-researched techniques; but, because our work here is custom there is always an X-factor at play. When we’re thrown a curve ball, figuring out which variables to change to make the finished product turn out perfectly takes some work and creative problem-solving.  Glass is not the most forgiving medium.  It can misbehave sometimes.  It keeps me on my toes!

What is the most rewarding part of glassworking for you?

As challenging as the custom aspect can be, it is also very rewarding and still my favorite part of this industry.  Working within the parameters of what glass can do and what the design calls for can be an enticing challenge.  The process is collaborative with other glass workers and designers bouncing ideas off of one another to create the best strategy. It takes timing and instinct to bring these projects to life. There is a very satisfying moment when the finished piece is ready and its execution has that little something extra beyond what we were going for. I also love working with color and look forward to any opportunity to incorporate it into a project.

What is the newest, freshest approach or technique you are bringing to the job?

Research and development of new processes is always exciting for me. A recent job has allowed us to do some interesting things with colored glazes, enamels and painting – it’s opened up a lot of new design possibilities.

Robbin, thank you for taking the time to give us a snapshot of your work here at Glassworks, Inc.  I know our customers and especially everyone here at Glassworks really appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm.


Do you have a question for Robbin? Email her “Attention Robbin Tracy” via our Contact Form.


View all Glassworks Team Member Profiles here.

Season’s Greetings from Glassworks, Inc.

Happy Holidays to all the creative designers, fantastic clients and all who have inspired us throughout the year.   We are thankful for the many opportunities you have given us.  Here’s to continued collaboration with you and with the many associates we have yet to meet…and for a fun-filled, healthy and prosperous 2012.

Holiday Hours:  ** Please note that Glassworks will be closed on December 26th and January 2nd. **


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Battle of the Chefs

Glassworks was honored to have been a part of the “Battle of the Chefs” Luxe Magazine event.  To view photographs and for more info on this event visit the official BOTC facebook page.

Hosted group from Weaver Architects

We hosted an early evening gathering with Weaver Architects complete with wine, fabulous cheese and an informal Q&A about our glass and ourselves. This was a great way to get to know our new industry partner and we had a great time!  For anyone wanting to learn more, give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment to chat.

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